Mingo Gets A Friend, Friend Gets A Name

It did not take long for Emily Flesch of Duluth to guess the name of Gov. Mark Dayton’s new puppy: Itasca.

Flesch, a Green Bay Packer fan, guessed the name a couple of hours after the only clue was posted on the Facebook page of Dayton’s other puppy, Mingo: “Six letters make my brother’s name, two of the letters are the same.”

Dayton will take Flesch out to his sons’ Minneapolis restaurant, The Bachelor Farmer.

The governor got Itasca, born Aug.16, because Mingo needed a companion. Dayton’s other dog — all are German shepherds — is aging and could not keep up with Mingo.

Plenty of other names were suggested, not all of which matched the clue. They include Shilah, Summit, Zippel, Kenyon, Duluth, Morris, Isanti, Norman and Walker.