Everyone Who Eyes Bachmann Eyes Can Have Bachmann Eyes

Barack Obama and Tim Pawlenty with Bachmann eyes as modified by Bachmann-Eyezed app

Michele Bachmann may be eying the presidency, but normal Americans now can have her famous eyes.

Everyone with an iPad or iPhone can have eyes like the Republican presidential candidate, or include Bachmann eyes in photos of others.

Rick Perry

New to the Apple App Store is an application that allows users to turn eyes, even those of a pet cat, into those like the Minnesota congresswoman displayed on a recent Newsweek cover with the headline “Queen of rage.”

“Just pick a photo, place the tracer over the general ocular region and the app will replace your eyes with hers: Voila, instant Bachmann!” the Huffington Post exclaims about Bachmann-Eyezed.

“Want that special, extra-intense look?” the app’s description asks. “Just slide the ‘craziness level’ up and see what happens.”

The app-maker’s blog promises “super fun” with the software.

Vladimir Putin

“Help us recoup our reckless investment in truckloads of fresh, slippery eyeballs so we can buy milk for our vast horde of hardworking foster children,” the blog asks, seeking 99 cents for the app.

The blog, obviously written by folks with lots of time of their hands, shows examples of people with Bachmann eyes, including husband Marcus, the Charmin bear, the Andrews sisters, Theodore Roosevelt and dozens of other famous and not-so-famous folks.