Day Care Union Vote: ‘We Are In Uncharted Waters’

Questions abound two weeks before some Minnesota in-home day-care providers vote about whether to join unions.

Day Care Union Vote Meeting Ends With Plenty Of Questions

Unions who want to organize in-home child care workers did not testify this morning as a Minnesota House committee looked into the issue.

Democrats Blast GOP For Property Tax Increases, Again

Democrats make it clear they blame Republicans for rising property taxes, and will do that even louder in next year’s campaigns.

Minnesota’s Jewish Santa Organizes Senate Gift Exchange

A Jewish Minnesota senator is leading a U.S. Senate Christmas “secret Santa” gift exchange, the Washington Post reports.

Klobuchar Hearing Features Importance Of Tourism

American tourism is on the decline, while other countries are doing better, which prompted U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., to hold a Senate hearing on the subject.