Bachmann To Visit All 99 Iowa Counties In 10 Days

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann plans to kick her presidential campaign into the highest gear possible this month by visiting all of Iowa’s 99 counties in 10 days.

While taking a break for the Christmas weekend, Republican Bachmann plans to begin in northwestern Iowa on Deb. 16 and finish on Dec. 28 in central Iowa.

The Hawkeye state’s Jan. 3 first-in-the-country presidential caucuses could make or break Bachmann’s campaign. Most polls have shown her well behind front-runners New Gingrich and Mitt Romney since she won a major Iowa straw poll in August.

“Michele Bachmann is determined to win the Iowa caucuses the same way she won the Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll in August — she’s going to work harder than any other candidate in the race,” Campaign Manager Keith Nahigian said. “Visiting counties over the course of 10 days will reflect her energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary work ethic as well as her commitment to representing the concerns of Iowa families who want a president that will put them first.”