One Lawmaker’s Response: ‘I Will Insist On The Proper Sanctions’

The Minnesota Capitol remains shaken by Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch’s sudden resignation Thursday and Friday’s revelation that her action came a day after other Senate leaders confronted her with allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a staff member.

Most senators have been quiet about the news, but Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, said he was disappointed.

“Our employees deserve to work in a place that does not tolerate inappropriate behavior,” he said. “I do not condone these wrong doings and will insist on the proper sanctions.

“The public’s trust has been violated. I will assure you that I will work hard in our caucus to regain a level of professionalism, accountability and integrity. Minnesotans should hold their elected officials to the highest standards. I promise you that I will serve to meet that trust.”

Some GOP senators say they want Koch to remain on the job as a senator, while others say if they were in the situation of the Buffalo senator they would resign.

Soon after four Republican senators announced they had met with Koch Wednesday night about allegations they received from multiple Senate employees, it was discovered that Communications Director Michael Brodkorb no longer worked for the Republican caucus. Senate officials would not say if he was fired or quit.

Brodkorb also left the U.S. House campaign of state Sen. Mike Parry, where he was a volunteer.