MPR: Osskopp Out Of State GOP Chairman Race

Former state Rep. Mike Osskopp is dropping out of the Minnesota Republican Party chairmanship race, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Instead, Osskopp will support Pat Shortridge to replace Tony Sutton, who abruptly resigned early this month.

That leaves the race, so far, between long-time party activist Shortridge and lesser-known Todd McIntyre.

Terry McCall, another well known activist, could get into the race. Also, there is a movement to draft Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton, who was named both deputy and interim chairwoman the day after Sutton resigned.

The new party leader will face a budget problem that some Republicans put at more than $1 million, about half of which is expense remaining from the 2010 governor’s race recount.

Party leaders meet Dec. 21 in St. Cloud to pick a new chairman.