‘Iowan’ Bachmann Back In Minnesota Campaigning

Michele Bachmann spent the summer and fall in Iowa, hoping to gain traction as a presidential candidate.

While in the state to the south, the Iowa native’s favorite line seemed to be: “Everything I needed to know in life I learned in Iowa.” She told audience after audience, “I’m an Iowan,” and usually did not mention Minnesota.

When she left Iowa at age 12, she did not take the news from her mother well: “She told me that we were going to move to this exotic, faraway place – I had hardly ever heard of it before – called Minnesota. That would put fear in the heart of any Iowan.”

Such comments have been widely reported back in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, where she is seeking re-election after her presidential bid failed.

In an interview, she indicated that she did not think her Iowa comments would hurt back in Minnesota.

“I have lived here in Minnesota for 44 years…” she said. “Our babies were born here. Our business is here. Our church is here.”

Sure, she said, being from a family that had been in Iowa seven generations makes her proud of the Hawkeye State. But she said she also is proud of Minnesota.

Bachmann said that she said she took ideas from her northern Twin Cities district to Congress “but I amplified that voice … across the country” in the presidential campaign.