Bills To Speed Permits Speed Through Legislature

Legislative Republicans put a high priority on keeping government out of businesses’ way, and making it easier for firms to build is keystone of the effort.

Legislative Notebook: Lawmakers Again Consider Early School Opening

The annual debate about how early to allow school to begin is headed for the full Minnesota House.

Minnesota, Wisconsin Say Tax Deal Close

Minnesota and Wisconsin officials say they are close to an agreement designed to return to simpler times when people who live in one state and work in the other only file one state income tax return.

Legislative Notebook: Senate Votes Against Teacher Seniority

The Republican-controlled Legislature is about ready to send Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton a bill that reduces the importance of seniority when school districts consider laying off teachers.

Saints Want New Home, Too

The Vikings stadium debate steals all of the ink and airtime in the Minnesota Capitol, but the colorful St. Paul Saints baseball team also wants to new place to play.