Franken Supports At Least One Cheesehead

Don’t think U.S. Sen. Al Franken has totally given up his comedic past.

“Now that I’m a senator, I look for opportunities to put aside old, petty grievances and forgive longtime opponents,” he wrote to supporters. “I’m referring, of course, to Wisconsin.

“Does it grind my gears that the Packers have won four Super Bowls while the Vikings have never won one? It does. Do I like the cheesehead hats? I do not.”

But the Minnesota Democrat said despite those feelings, he supports fellow Democrat Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate, and is helping her raise campaign contributions.

“And think of it this way: If Wisconsin is represented by a talented progressive like Tammy Baldwin, maybe it won’t be so hard to watch the Packers win next season,” Franken wrote. “Okay, it will be. It’ll be awful. Just awful. …

“Skol Vikings, and go Tammy.”