Pawlenty Political Yo-yo Continues

The yo-yo that has been Tim Pawlenty’s political life continues with the former Minnesota governor now saying he told the Mitt Romney president campaign to scratch him off the running mate list.

“I have indicated that I think I can best serve Gov. Romney in other ways in particular as a volunteer and surrogate speaker in places where he can’t go,” Pawlenty told CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” “I’ve encouraged people who’ve asked this question … in the campaign to look at other prospects, but, obviously, anybody who would be asked to serve in a position like that would be honored to be asked. But … I really encourage folks to look at other prospects and to suggest I think I can help him best in other ways.”

He has said something like that before, but the nationally broadcast comments seemed to have slowed the tide that convinced at least one prominent political science professor last week to put the 51-year-old former governor in the No. 2 position in the Republican vice presidential race.

Still, Pawlenty has said before that he was not interested, then starting saying that he would be honored to be asked, hinting he could accept.