Primary Election Absentee Ballots Available

Minnesota voters have until Aug. 13 to cast absentee ballots.

The secretary of state’s offers information about voting absentee and provides a way to check on an absentee ballot’s status.

“We anticipate that almost 300,000 Minnesotans will vote by absentee ballot this election,” Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said. “Having the option of casting an absentee ballot is important, especially for our military personnel who are serving overseas.”

Minnesota’s primary election is Aug. 14, with the general election Nov. 6.

State law allows Minnesotans to vote absentee if they will be gone from their precinct on election day and a few other specific reasons. Just because someone wants to vote early is not a legal reason to vote absentee.

Voters may get absentee ballots from local elections offices, usually the county auditor, to vote in person. Forms for mail absentee ballots and other voting information are available at

Military and other overseas voters follow different procedures, available at