Bills Campaign Takes New Approach

U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills is taking an unusual route to letting Minnesotans learn about him.

The Republican Rosemount high school economic teacher regularly posts “econ101” lessons on Facebook.

Friday’s installment:

“We’ve covered fixed and sunk costs and even discussed short run.  Let’s move on to understand the long run.

“In the long run, all costs are variable costs. Long run is different for each person or firm in that there are different contracts and agreements that have been entered into. If one likes the benefits of contracted price or costs, they would find their short run (when at least one cost is fixed) as being extended.

“Examples of variable costs are labor, materials and even utilities as they vary as a firm produces more and uses more energy.”

Generally, candidates new to the public introduce themselves in softer ways, not immediately delving into complex issues such as economics. But when Republicans endorsed the state representative, it was because of his economics background.

Bills faces token primary opposition, then goes against Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the Nov. 6 election.