Senator Wonders If Ritchie Can Be Impeached

Sen. Mike Parry continues his investigation into Secretary of State Mark Ritchie for what the Waseca Republican says is a violation of his duty as Minnesota’s chief elections officer.

Parry wants the Senate Rules Committee to approve issuing subpoenas requiring Ritchie and Attorney General Lori Swanson to appear in front of his committee. He also said he is looking into whether the Legislature can impeach Ritchie.

The issue upsetting Parry is Democrat Ritchie rewriting titles of two Republican-backed constitutional amendment proposals. Republicans say the new titles are meant to mislead voters, but Ritchie says state law requires him to write the titles.

Swanson is involved because her office approved Ritchie’s new titles.

Ritchie and Swanson were no-shows at a July 20 committee hearing Parry called on the matter, but he wants to hear from them at a future meeting.

Parry said that he wants to make sure Ritchie is not campaigning against the amendments, something he called improper for the person who runs the state’s elections.