Obama Touts Advances In Wind Power

Wind is a major topic on President Barack Obama’s campaign swing through Iowa, and not by chance the White House today released a report showing wind power use is growing.

The report shows Minnesota produces the third most wind power, one of six states that meet at least 10 percent of their energy needs with wind. In Minnesota, that figure is 15 percent.

Minnesota wind power provides enough electricity to power nearly 680,000 homes. The Obama administration report also showed up to 3,000 Minnesotans work in wind power.

Obama, speaking in Iowa, said he wants to continue a tax break wind providers receive.

“We are at a moment right now where home-grown energy, like wind energy, is growing,” Democrat Obama told his Oskaloosa audience this morning.

The president complained that Republican candidate Mitt Romney wants to eliminate a tax credit for wind power producers.

“All he has to do is pay attention to what you have been doing right here in Iowa,” Obama said of the state that produces 20 percent of its electricity by wind.

“Let’s keep investing in the new home-grown energy,” he added.

A Romney spokesman said today that the Republican candidate is a “strong supporter” of wind power and thinks encouraging economic growth by removing regulatory barriers would help more.

The Des Moines Register has reported that Romney would prefer to allow the tax credit to end because that would “create a level playing field on which all sources of energy can compete on their merits.”

During his late-morning speech in Oskaloosa (Capitol Chatter’s hometown), Obama talked more about general taxes, the deficit and the economy than wind power and other rural topics.