Minnesota Primary Congressional, Supreme Court Returns

Almost all votes from Tuesday’s primary election have been counted.

The unofficial returns below show the returns, with all but one of Minnesota’s 4,102 precincts reporting.

In congressional races, the candidate who received the most votes in each party moves on to the 6 general election. In judicial races, the top two vote-getters will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.


U.S. Senate–

Independence: Glen Menze, 2,073; Stephan Williams, 3,071.

Republican: Kurt Bills, 63,423; David Carlson, 43,885; Bob Carney Jr., 16,766.

Democrat: Dick Franson, 6,839; Amy Klobuchar (i), 183,763; Jack Shepard, 6,640; Darryl Stanton, 5,158.


1st Congressional District–

Republican: Mike Parry, 10,612; Allen Quist, 12,529.


2nd Congressional District–

Republican: David Gerson, 2,772; John Kline (i), 15,859.


3rd Congressional District–

Republican: John Howard II, 2,032; Erik Paulsen (i), 18,627.


4th Congressional District–

Republican: Tony Hernandez, 6,885; Ron Seiford, 3,864.

Democrat: Diana Longrie, 3,215; Betty McCollum (i), 27,304; Brian Stalboereger, 1,921.


5th Congressional District–

Democrat: Gary Boisclair, 1,397;Keith Ellison (i), 30,609; Gregg Iverson, 2,143.


6th Congress District–

Republican: Michele Bachmann (i), 14,569; Aubrey Immelman, 1,242; Stephen Thompson, 2,322.


8th Congressional District–

Democrat: Jeff Anderson, 15,977; Tarryl Clark, 17,540; Richard Nolan, 20,838.


Supreme Court chief justice–

Jill Clark, 61,266; Lorie Skjerven Gildea (i), 145,052; Dan Griffith, 85,886.


Supreme Court justice 4–

Alan Nelson, 61,937; David Stras (i), 139,256; Tim Tingelstad, 83,985.


(i) indicates incumbent