So Which Hancock Is DFL Criticizing?

Republicans are enjoying an advertisement Democrats placed in the Bemidji Pioneer blasting two GOP lawmakers running for re-election.

The ad accuses Reps. Larry Howes of Walker and David Hancock of Bemidji of not “telling the truth” about their votes on the state budget. Next to photos of two men, quotes attributed to the lawmakers are labeled “false.”

The problem is that the Hancock photo is not the Minnesota politician. Republicans pointed out on Twitter that it actually is a Canadian politician of the same name. One GOP activist wondered on Twitter why House Minority Leader Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, cannot recognize the Bemidji man he has served with for 18 months.

The ad concludes: “If we can’t trust Rep. Hancock and Rep. Howes to tell the TRUTH about the budget, what CAN we trust them on?”

Thissen shrugged his shoulders when asked about the photo mix-up, but quickly found his voice when thinking about Hancock: “He hasn’t left much of a legacy.”