New Political Lines Lost On Many Minnesotans

Many Minnesota voters don’t know where they are.

At least, many don’t know where they live in terms of political districts after congressional, legislative and many local boundaries were redrawn earlier this year.

Fewer than a quarter of Minnesotans stopping in the state Senate’s State Fair booth knew their new legislative district and candidates, long-time Senate public information official Scott Magnuson said.

“We have looked up hundreds” of districts for fair visitors, he said.

The confusion comes after the every-10-year redrawing of political boundaries. In some cases, districts changed little. But some districts retained little of their old territory.

The Senate booth featured computers visitors used to check their legislative districts and candidates on their Nov. 6 ballots.

Magnuson said most voters have heard there are new districts, but they do not know specifics.

Minnesotans who did not look up their districts at the fair may visit

Even if some voters were confused, Magnuson said, visitors to the Senate booth were “in a much better frame of mind” than a year ago when a government shutdown just had ended.