GOP Disagrees With EPA Gasoline 4-gallon Minimum Plan

Republicans strongly disagree with a federal Environmental Protection Agency requirement that customers must buy at least four gallons of gasoline at some pumps.

Gasoline tanks on some motorcycles and other small engines do not old four gallons, they say.

“The EPA has no business telling Americans how much fuel they must purchase,” GOP House members Chip Cravaack of Minnesota and Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin wrote in a letter to the EPA chief.

The new rule applies to pumps that use the same hose to for the newly approved 15-percent ethanol blend, known as E15, and the long-available 10-percent blend. The EPA instituted the rule because if a customer buys just one gallon of E10, for instance, there may be enough E15 to give the fuel a higher concentration of ethanol than small-engine manufactures say is safe.

Some gasoline stations may have dedicated hoses for E15 and would not fall under the EPA mandate.