Red Lake Dependable Democratic

Michael Meuers wonders if any community supported President Barack Obama more than his.

Almost 98 percent of voters on the northwestern Minnesota Red Lake American Indian reservation favored Obama on Nov. 6.

“In the traditional community of Ponemah, Obama scored with 99.23 percent of the vote,” Meuers said. “Romney got one vote (Libertarian, two).”

The news was not all bright for Democrats, Meuers said tongue in cheek: “Unfortunately, other DFLers, Collin Peterson, Amy Klobuchar, Roger Erickson and Rod Skoe only got 93 to 96 percent of the vote. We apologize for that and will keep working at it. We’re trying to locate and persuade those Republicans, but they must have a good hiding place.”

Meuers helped create Red Lake Political Education Committee in 1996 and is its only non-Indian member.

“Bottom line, I believe Red Lake Nation to be the most dependable community of its size in the state and perhaps the country as far as Democrat reliability,” he said.