Two State Legislative Recounts Begin Wednesday

A hand recount of 21,288 votes in a state House race begins Wednesday.

Republicans Worry DFL Leaders Lack Rural Credentials

The Minnesota House agriculture committee chairman for the past two years is concerned Democrats are putting agriculture on the back burner as they take control of the chamber.

Behind-the-scenes Work Readies Lawmakers For Jan. 8

The real legislative work is going on quietly behind the scenes as lawmakers get to know each other and prepare for what likely will be a tough legislative session writing a budget while facing a deficit and federal budget problem that probably will trickle down to Minnesota.

Political Report: New GOP Leader Knows His Place

Kurt Daudt knows he leads a group that has little say in what happens around the Minnesota Capitol.

Update: Republicans Like Judge’s Decision In Close Legislative Race

Republicans think a judge’s Tuesday decision gives them an advantage to winning a tight Minnesota legislative election headed to a recount.