Dayton Takes Credit For Seat License Attention

Gov. Mark Dayton’s complaints about the Vikings football team hints that it might sell seat licenses for $60,000 helped to sway the discussion to smaller figures, he says.

Dayton rushed a letter to Vikings owners when he learned the team was asking season ticket holders their opinions about buying licenses, which would give them better seats and give the Vikings money to help fund a new stadium. The governor said at the time that he supported a “people’s stadium, not a rich people’s stadium.”

He said that the attention he brought to the issue will convince the team and a governmental body that controls the stadium to lower the price tag.

“That will save Minnesotans a lot of money,” he told reporters.

The attention should take care of the situation, he said, so the Legislature will not need to get involved. “I don’t have any interest in reopening the stadium bill,” he said.