Dayton Takes Credit For Seat License Attention

Gov. Mark Dayton’s complaints about the Vikings football team hints that it might sell seat licenses for $60,000 helped to sway the discussion to smaller figures, he says.

Canada Wants Joint Effort To Clean Red River, Lake Winnipeg

Canadians are looking for solutions as algae takes over Lake Winnipeg. Those solutions are the same ones that can help North Dakota and Minnesota, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger told a Thursday forum about Red River issues.

Democrats Say They Are Ready To Control, Not Overreach

Democrats will regain the majority in the Minnesota House and Senate and retain the governor’s office in the 2013 legislative session, but they said Monday they don’t plan to overreach.

Legislative Notebook: Lanning Does Not Worry About Electronic Pull Tab Revenues

Minnesotans should not worry that a new Vikings stadium will fall short of funding, a key lawmaker says.

Minnesota Leaders Preview Session

Legislative leaders meet the press.