$109 Million State Capitol Renovation Project Proposed

Minnesota officials started planning a state Capitol renovation project in 1984, and chances are improving that serious work could begin in 2013.

Legislative Notebook: Obama Coming To Discuss Gun Violence

Next week is turning into gun week in Minnesota.

Ag Chairwomen Take Action To Give Farmers Bigger Committee Voice

Patrick Lunemann is not convinced the agriculture industry will get a fair shake from a Minnesota House committee that decides farm program funding, even after farmers learned of a change to give them more of a voice

Legislative Notebook: GOP Lays Out Complaints About Dayton Tax Plan

Republicans are ramping up their complaints about Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s tax plan.

So Just How Big Is The Proposed Dayton Tax Increase?

The Dayton administration and fellow Democrats use the figure of $2 billion when discussing tax increases in the governor’s proposed budget. Republicans say it is far more.