Minnesota Businesses Worry About Dayton Tax Proposal

Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal would add more than $3.1 billion in new tax revenue over the next two years. Higher income taxes on the richest Minnesotans would bring in about $1.1 billion, but the rest has to come from somewhere. Businesses are worried they, and their customers, would take the hit.

Lawmakers Wonder About Dayton Budget’s Rural Impact

Gov. Mark Dayton says his budget plan favors greater Minnesota, but rural legislators are not so sure.

Dayton Plan Includes Several Tax Changes

Business tax changes have grabbed much of the attention after Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal was released Tuesday, but a property tax rebate and new taxes likely would have an impact on Minnesotans, too.

Political Notebook: Let The Budget Battle Begins, But Gently

No one expected Minnesota Democratic legislators to fully agree with Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal, and they were right.

Swanson Sues Wind Power Company

A wind energy developer broke promises to farmers and left them out thousands of dollars, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson said Friday.