Price Gouging Latest Propane Concern

Minnesota’s attorney general warns of propane price gouging as the Upper Midwest faces a shortage and record-high costs.

Sieben Will Not Run For Lieutenant Governor

By Don Davis The person most discussed as Gov. Mark Dayton’s running mate says she is not interested. State Sen. Katie Sieben, D-Cottage Grove, made the announcement in a late Friday afternoon statement. “There is more work to do to ensure that our economic recovery reaches every Minnesotan,” Sieben said of the Senate job. “I…
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Plenty Of Propane, Just Not Here

Millions of Midwesterners face the threat of not being able to buy enough propane to heat their homes and businesses at a time when the country has more of the fuel than ever.

Lawmakers Eye More Ways To Reduce Synthetic Drug Problems

Minnesota legislators are ready to take another stab at curtailing the use of synthetic drugs.

Propane Crisis A Hot Topic

Minnesotans living in a quarter-million rural homes depend on propane for heat, but soaring prices and shortages that experts predict will get worse are sending chills down their backs.