Political Chatter: Klobuchar Report Shows Propane Costs

By Don Davis It was cold last winter, really cold. Propane was in short supply last winter, really short. And the fuel was expensive, really expensive. The 10 percent of Minnesotans who heat with propane — as well as farmers, businesses and others that use it — felt the crunch to the tune of $70…
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Minnesota Early Voting Starts

Minnesotans may start voting Friday. The early voting is not only for people who will be away from home on election day, but anyone can vote early under a new state law. Old law required an excuse such as being out of one’s voting precinct on election day.

Johnson: Dayton Shows ‘breathtaking Incompetence’

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s challenger raised the temperature of the campaign Tuesday by saying the governor showed “breathtaking incompetence” in establishing the state-run health insurance marketplace and an abrupt about-face on a controversial sex offender issue.

Political Chatter: Ag Wins Water Vote

By Don Davis A little known federal issue that has farmers riled came out of the U.S. House with a vote friendly to agriculture. The House voted 262-152 last week to forbid the federal Environmental Protection Agency putting nearly all water in the country under its control. Farmers fear a proposed change in the Clean…
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Minnesota Propane Outlook Improves, But Officials Will Monitor

The propane outlook for this winter is brighter than a year ago, when shortages nearly quadrupled the hearting fuel’s price, but state officials urge poor Minnesotans to apply now for heating assistance if they think they will not be able to fill their tanks.