Dayton, Fischbach Together Again

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Michelle Fischbach were standing feet from each other during a Tuesday, March 13, news conference; reporters had to ask about their relationship.

After all, they barely have seen each other since Fischbach automatically ascended to lieutenant governor on Jan. 3 after Tina Smith was appointed to the U.S. Senate, vacating the job.

When a reporter asked Dayton what it was like to stand in front of the media with Fischbach, he responded: “It is great,” adding that Fischbach has been involved with the topic at hand: elder care.

Then, Dayton told the media that he would create a photo opportunity and put his arm around Fischbach’s shoulder, and they smiled and stood for plenty of time for each camera to record them.

They will see each other again Wednesday night, March 14, when Dayton speaks to a joint session of the Legislature. The Senate president, who as lieutenant governor would step in if the governor cannot fulfill his duties, usually sits behind the governor during the State of the State speech.

Dayton’s State of the State speech begins at 7 p.m. and will be shown live on most Forum Communications Co. Minnesota websites.

When asked if he would be nostalgic in his speech, as it is his last before leaving elective office early next year, he quickly responded, “I will be waxing nostalgic about standing on my feet for the whole” speech. It was a reference to his fainting episode last year, an incident blamed on dehydration.

He said his grandson Hugo, who turns 5 next week, will be among those in the gallery.