MNsure CEO Allison O'Toole says on Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, that 100,000 Minnesotans qualify for reductions in health insurance premiums, but they have not applied for the. (Forum News Service photo by Don Davis)

More Minnesotans Take Advantage Of Health Insurance Aid

Soaring insurance premiums apparently jolted Minnesotans into seeking federal aid to pay for their policies. The state’s health insurance marketplace, MNsure, announced on Tuesday, Nov. 29, that the number of Minnesotans getting financial aid for 2017 policies tripled over this year. Rural Minnesotans especially benefit from the aid, which comes from the federal government, MNsure…
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In Rural Minnesota, Residents Facing Economic Challenges, Opportunities

Rural Minnesotans are happy, to a point. They are optimistic, to a point. They see local jobs available, to a point. “It is kind of a mixed bag,” Executive Director Brad Finstad of the Center for Rural Policy and Development said. On the down side, for instance, the farm economy suffers from the lowest prices…
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Chatter: Legislature By The Numbers

The Nov. 8 election was unpredictable and the 2017 Minnesota Legislature likely will be, too. GOP candidates took many by surprise, including some fellow Republicans, and took over the state Senate. The GOP held a Senate majority in 2011-2012, but because of the election calendar this time it will be for four years, unless a…
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Chronic Illnesses Drive Soaring Health Insurance Costs

Chronically ill Minnesotans are driving up health insurance premiums so much that state officials are rushing to deal with the problem. Commerce Department officials on Monday, Nov. 14, told a task force studying how to contain soaring health insurance costs that 2.2 percent of people who bought individual policies last year caused 50 percent of…
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President-elect Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up sign as he walks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Capitol Hill in Washington Nov. 10, 2016. (Reuters photo by Joshua Roberts)

Commentary: Trump Victory Sounds Familiar To Minnesotans

He shocked the world by winning election as a most unconventional candidate. He never hesitated to say what was on his mind, no matter how controversial. He came from a celebrity background and preached the need to change government. He attracted people who may not always vote. He attacked reporters, complaining they did not give…
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