Vickerman Touts Agriculture

A top lawmaker on agriculture issues took to the Senate floor to announce today begins National Agriculture Week. Thursday is National Agriculture Day. Sen. Jim Vickerman, DFL-Tracy, said Minnesota is the sixth-largest agriculture state in the country. "Minnesota agriculture helps feed the world and fuels our nation’s economy," said Vickerman, who leads a Senate agriculture…
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Koering Vents

A senator from north-central Minnesota said he is tired of state agencies undermining elected legislators such as himself. "I don’t think very much of that and I wish it would stop," fumed Sen. Paul Koering, R-Fort Ripley, during the Senate floor session today. The senator told colleagues he was approached by a state employee who…
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Zellers Wants The Money

At a House committee hearing, GOP Rep. Kurt Zellers said his area, the northwest Twin Cities suburb of Maple Grove, is growing so fast that it needs more money than rural areas. He said that he thinks rural areas like where he grow up Devils Lake, N.D., can get by with less.

Education Chief Here

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said today that U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings will be in Minnesota next week. Pawlenty said he and Spellings will discuss federal education legislation. Congress is debating whether to renew the federal No Child Left Behind law.

Pawlenty: Rural MN Suffers In Road Bill

The DFL Legislature overrode Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s transportation funding veto over two weeks ago, but debate over the bill’s impact continues. Pawlenty, a Republican who has criticized the package for its tax increases, offered new critiques on his weekly radio show this morning. Pawlenty said rural Minnesota counties "definitely came out on the short end…
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