A Buzz Among DFLers

Caucuses were not yet closed, but DFL Party activists already were showing up at the party’s St. Paul headquarters shortly after 8 p.m.Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez said a lively presidential contest along with a competitive U.S. Senate race and at least one hotly contested congressional contest spurred turnout and interest.Visitors to the DFL…
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Caucus Rooms Full

Minnesota Republican Party spokesman Mark Drake said GOP caucus sites were busy around the state, even in DFL strongholds such as St. Paul. Caucus rooms were packed in Rochester and suburban Maple Grove, he said. "We’re hearing reports of heavy turnout," Drake said. "It seems to be widespread." Increased participation likely is the result of…
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A Quiet GOP Office

There were long lines at caucus sites around the Twin Cities, but all was quiet shortly after 7 p.m. at the Minnesota Republican Party headquarters in St. Paul.Nena Bartlett, a field coordinator for GOP candidate Ron Paul, sat alone at a table where representatives for the other Republican hopefuls will appear this evening.State Republican Party…
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Lines Stretch Out

Long lines were waiting to get into some Twin Cities caucuses as they began at 7 p.m. And it was not just people standing in line; those trying to attend some caucus locations waited in long lines of vehicles backed upon interstate highways. The traffic jams were reported in many areas of the Twin Cities.

Lots Of Interest

All signs point to a record precinct caucus turnout tonight, so dont expect to hear Minnesota returns early. With about 8,000 precincts (4,000 Democratic-Farmer-Labor and 4,000 Republican) to report, there are bound to be lots of kinks in the system, especially considering vote reporting like this is not as common as on election nights. Secretary…
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