Herding Senators

Sure, Minnesota legislators were trying to wrap up this year’s session on Saturday. But Senate  photographer David Oakes, left, may have had the toughest job as he tried to line up 67 senators for a photo commemorating the state’s 150th birthday.

Pawlenty Signs … Autographs

  Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed autographs instead of bills and posed with legislative leaders instead of negotiating with them at mid-day today. The governor and most legislators spent some time outside to help celebrate the state’s 150th birthday today. Legislative leaders hurried back into the Capitol, ready to begin negotiations, but the governor was mobbed…
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School Bill, Real ID Vetoed

It came as little surprise at the Capitol, but late last night Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s office announced he had vetoed a K-12 education finance bill and a proposal that Minnesota not take part in a federal security program. The education bill would have provided a one-time, $51-per-student state aid increase to Minnesota schools, but Pawlenty…
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Talks All But Done

Legislative negotiators declared early this evening they have all but settled outstanding issues remaining in the 2008 session that must end by Monday. "We are very nearly done," House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL-Minneapolis, said. "We are very, very close." Republican and Democratic leaders said they would resume talks with GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty at…
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Fear Helps In Negotiations

Democrats fear what Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty would do if he is forced to reduce state spending on his own, a procedure known as unallotment. And that is keeping them talking to him. "Current law is better than his proposal," House Taxes Chairwoman Ann Lenczewski, DFL-Bloomington, said of his tax cap proposal. "But unallotment is…
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