Most of the Minnesota Capitol dome is covered as renovation continues. Most of the building is closed, and the rest will close when the Legislature adjourns on May 23, 2016. (Forum News Service photo by Don Davis)

Success Predicted After Another Legislative Failure

Two failures may equal success. The Minnesota House and Senate failed to pass their public works funding bills, but in the three days lawmakers have left this year, major legislative players expect those defeated bills to be merged into one that funds rail safety, college building repairs, flood prevention and other projects around Minnesota. Optimism…
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Broadband Debate Centers On Cost, Students, Businesses

Ten percent of Litchfield School District students are so far away from high-speed Internet connections that they cannot to do all of their homework. Superintendent Daniel Frazier on Wednesday said students in his area are luckier than many in rural Minnesota. Students who live in areas with mobile telephone signals so weak that wireless hotspots…
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Broadband Spending Plans Vary Greatly

Republican Minnesota representatives propose spending $35 million to expand broadband high-speed Internet in the state, far less than Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Senate Democrats want. “Minnesotans are going to see a historic amount of broadband investment this year,” Rep. Ron Kresha, R-Little Falls, said Wednesday as he and other Republicans outlined their plan. While…
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Faster Broadband Suggested As Some Rural Areas Remain Behind

A Minnesota broadband task force recommends increasing state Internet speed guidelines even as many rural Minnesotans lack service at current, slower standards. A governor-appointed broadband task force suggests the state Legislature increase high-speed Internet goals by 2022, which could double some speed standards, while increasing them more than four-fold by 2026. The new speeds would…
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Political Chatter: Privacy Matters To Be In The Open

Every Minnesota legislative session seems to produce one issue no one saw coming, at least to the scale it reaches. Perhaps that issue this year will be privacy. When Minnesotans hear comments like from Rep. Peggy Scott, it could attract attention. “In today’s schools, the highly sensitive and personal information … now is being uploaded…
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