One Water Issue Eases As Rally Begins

Minnesota water advocates gathered at the Capitol for their annual Clean Water Action Day when at least one water controversy seems to be easing. House Agriculture Chairman Paul Anderson, R-Starbuck, said Wednesday, May 2, an hour before the clean-water rally that farmers now pretty much accept a Dayton administration draft rule on nitrogen fertilizer, although…
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Chatter: Disappointment On Opioid Announcement Just Under Surface

More than 400 Minnesotans died due to opioids last year, up from 344 a year earlier. The epidemic, a word often used to describe the situation, seems especially tough in rural parts of the state that may be less equipped to handle it. When President Donald Trump announced on Thursday, Oct. 26, that he had…
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On Second Day, Dayton Faces Tense Situation

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton diffused a tense situation at his first official function Wednesday by sharing his microphone with shouting protesters crowded into his office.

Protesters Pack Dayton Office; He Lets Them Speak

Mark Dayton’s first official act as Minnesota governor, signing up for a federal medical program, drew a large protest and he handed over microphone to three people who oppose his action.