Court Would Release Convicted Rapist From Treatment Program

Minnesota’s second-highest court says a convicted sex offender should be released from a state hospital, but only under heavy supervision. The Appeals Court ruled Monday that the Minnesota Department of Human Services did not make a strong enough case to keep Christopher Coker locked up in the state sex offender treatment program. However, the case…
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Minnesotans Must Wait To See Sex Offender Treatment Plan Changes

A federal judge says the Minnesota Sex Offender Program is unconstitutional, but what happens next is unclear. The judge did not order specific changes to the program in his Wednesday ruling and said no sex offenders will be released immediately. However, without changes in the program he indicated that a mass release of sex offenders…
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Federal Judge Orders Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment To Be Fixed

Dru Sjodin’s 2003 death produced what may be its most important side effect yet, a federal judge’s ruling Wednesday that the Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Program violates the U.S. Constitution. U.S. District Court Judge Donovan Frank ordered those involved in the program, including leaders from the state executive and legislative branches, to work on a…
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Legislative Notebook: Senate Debates Childcare, PCA Unions

The Minnesota Senate Tuesday night was en route to approving legislation allowing child care workers and personal care attendants to join unions.

Dayton Signs Sex Offender Notification Bill

Sex offenders released from a state treatment program will be subject of community notification immediately.